So you just had your new window installed, but you can’t somehow shake the feeling that your room is looking a little bit drab.

Window coverings are the perfect complement to your windows, be it to let the light in during the cold season, to add much-needed shade in the sweltering summer, or to simply complete the ambience you are going for.

For the pragmatist homeowner who is looking to cut costs whenever possible, here are 10 DIY window coverings you can work on

1. The Black and White Stripe Life

Have you ever walked in the department store looking for the perfect curtain, but found yourself surrounded by stock designs that don’t really reflect your personality?

With this DIY guide, you can bust out that beautiful fabric that’s been sitting in your closet ever since your lola gave it to you a few Christmases ago. Turn it into a beautiful window covering and make her happy!

2. Upcycling Cheap Wall Art

Some days you want to use curtains, but there are days you just want to add more pizzazz to your windows.

Artemis and Apollo came up with a great DIY window covering that is perfectly suited for rooms that have no good view outside its windows. Now you won’t have to stare at your neighbor’s cemented walls all the time.

3. No-Sew 15-Minute Shade


Got no sewing skills to speak of? Then this project is for you.

For 15 minutes, you can splash some color and turn a rather basic-looking room (e.g. your bathroom) into something that has more life in it. For this DIY, it’s highly recommended to pick brightly-colored material that would complement the color of your walls.

4. Dish Towel Magic

Dish towels often come in neutral, bland designs. After all, they’re only meant to wipe your dishes dry. But the material they’re made of would make for some good kitchen curtains.

One of the good things about this DIY is that the materials you need are most likely in your kitchen already. Who knew you can use potato to stamp some designs on an otherwise boring dish towel?

5. Shirred Curtains

For those of you gifted in feeding a sewing machine some fabric materials then transforming it into a work of art, this DIY is for you.

You will need some pre-made curtains of your choice (or something you made, if you have one!), and then follow this step-by-step guide to get yourself your own handmade shirred curtain.

6. Wallpaper Window Shade

Window shades often come in neutral colors, enough for it to just do its basic function—to keep the sun out of your room. But this DIY tutorial will let those boring shades keep your room cozy and become the focal point of the room. Now you won’t have to keep your window open to look at something beautiful!

7. Mythology-Inspired Blinds


Are you into Greek/Roman mythology? Do you have the Zeus’/Jupiter’s family tree memorized by heart? This window shade design is minimalist but would reflect your love for your favorite ancient gods and goddesses. If you have a sizeable amount of time on your hands, this DIY mythology-inspired window shade is the perfect project for you.

8. Vintage Scarf Love

Do you consider yourself a scarf hoarder? We can’t blame you. It’s hard to resist those colorful, eye catching fabric pieces that can easily accentuate your outfits.

Those vintage scarves people keep telling you to get rid of but you just can’t stop adding to your collection will be put to good use in this DIY curtain. Your living room will liven up with all the additional color you put in it.

P.S. If you don’t have a lot of scarves, you can always visit the nearest ukay-ukay for them.

9. Easy-Peasy Ribbon Shade

This is yet another way to liven up those basic-looking shades you got from the department store. All you need is a length of your preferred ribbon color or decorative trim.

Remember to pick a color that complements the room. The best part of this DIY is that there is no sewing required. Your window shades would still look decorative even when pulled down.

10. Ruffled Curtains

If you wish to add a more feminine touch to a room, this DIY ruffled curtains guide will do just that for you. Make sure you read the instructions well, as there are some pitfalls detailed that you would want to avoid. In the end, you will have the perfect dainty curtains for your little girl’s bedroom.

Which of these projects would you like to work on? Let us know in the comments!



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