Picture yourself about to enter a door—to your doctor’s office, or a restaurant, a shop, anywhere—and a funny sign grabbed your attention.

What do you do?

In this age of smartphones and readily-available cameras, the one logical answer is: take a photo of it and make sure the internet sees it.

And that’s exactly what these people did. Here are 10 of the funniest door signs that ever graced the world wide web:

  1. The Bee’s Knees

Is there a Bee Movie part 2 in the making that the public does not know?

  1. The Mistaken Door-dentity

Please stop coming in wearing nothing but towels and flip flops.

  1. Keep Your Clothes On

So how many people came in without pants on? Asking for a friend.

  1. Keep Your Eyes Open

Ah, the beautiful symphony of dull thuds people make when they accidentally run into this door.

  1. There Is Always That Guy at Work

Makes you wonder who first made the mistake of using this is a restroom. And most importantly, was it number one or number two?

  1. The Spaghetti Hater

How DARE you bring such horrendous things and threaten this pantheon of knowledge?!

  1. Read The Sign and Take It To Heart

Don’t mess with Bob Mess.

  1. Is This The Real Life or Is This Just Fantasy?

This is an optical illusion. You are falling asleep. You are not seeing your boss back for a few minutes from vacation, so go back to your chair and don’t make him sign those papers.

  1. Do Not Disturb: Passive Aggressive Version

Are you being polite or are you kicking me out? Are you politely kicking me out?

  1. #AllTablesMatter

Flip burgers, not tables.

Have you seen any funny door signs before? Post the photos on the comments section below and share it with everyone!

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