With the Amihan season rolling in, the chillier wind and cooler temperature signal the coming of the holidays.

It could also mean the arms of a ghost gently brushing against your skin.

Who knows?

Before you see Rudolph and his gang prancing around, the children of the night first need to come out at the start of November.

Halloween has given the young ones (and the young-at-heart) the excuse to put their art skills to the test by creating costumes and decors befitting the annual horror fest.

So before you deck the halls with boughs of holly, go scare your friends and neighbors with these DIY Halloween decors:


  1. Bloody Hell Handprint

Blood on windows is often the first sign of the carnage that’s about to welcome you at home. Give them a good warning with this bloody hand print that will easily stick to your windows. Click for the tutorial here.

  1. Scary Silhouettes

Make your neighbors think there’s something spooky going on inside your home with these Halloween-inspired silhouettes that can be easily made from poster paper. The bigger kids can help you draw and cut out the pieces.

If cats and creepy branches won’t cut it for you, you can also get inspiration from these photos.

  1. Brains… Brains…

We’ve seen one too many zombie TV shows and movies to know that windows need to be boarded up to keep you safe at home. So save yourself from the impending apocalypse by following this DIY.

  1. Not For The Arachnophobe

Spiders have a way of turning the manliest man into a screaming toddler.

Play on that fear by creating a ginormous version of this eight-legged creepy crawly and stick it outside your window. Click here for the tutorial.

  1. Got My Eyes On You

This tutorial is quite lengthy. But if it would make anyone feel like there are eyes literally following them when passing by your house, it’s worth the effort. The trick here is to use dome-shaped pupils, pushed back at the cavity behind the eye.


  1. It’s Alive… It’s Aliiive!

If you want to go for less creepy and more kid-friendly, this one is for you.

You don’t necessarily have to paint your doors in the complexion of dear ol’ Frankie. Just use some felt paper and card stock with the help of your children to create the details. This works best for those who have a porch as the rain might ruin the décor.

  1. There’s A Zombie On Your Lawn

In the event that your plants have all been eaten and the last of your lawn mowers have been used, this DIY will give you your last line of defense. Board up your doors with these detailed wooden planks complete with zombie arms and eyes.

  1. Where’s My Mummy

Turn your front door into its mummified version that would give trick-or-treaters more reason to come to your house (which could either be a good or bad thing depending on how much sweets you have).

Make Halloween more fun by having the kids help with wrapping the door in white crepe paper. Click here for the tutorial.

  1. Whatever Floats Your Head Boat

If you don’t have anything planned on the weekend before Halloween, this is the project you can work on. With the help of cheese cloths and foam heads, you can create eerie severed floating heads that will surely turn the heads of your (living) neighbors.

  1. A Ghost to Welcome You Home

It’s either you go big or you go home, as they say.

You can up the ante of your scare tactics by creating your own ghost hanging or standing outside your door. This DIY tutorial will give your doors that extra scare with the help of a mannequin head and cheesecloth.

Have a spook-tacular Halloween!

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