Christmas has a way or bringing out the child in everyone.

Just look at how your face lights up when you drive down the highway, where the lights and lanterns line every post and tree.

It comes as no surprise then that when kids ask the adults to decorate the house, there is no way we can say no. Only the Grinch can stand looking at the dejected looks of those little tots.

But it’s not just your Christmas tree that should be adorned. If you are still looking to light up your house these holidays, here are 10 easy DIY decors your family can bond over:

1. Faux Fireplace

The Philippines doesn’t really need a fireplace, what with our 30 degree temperature on average. But where can we hang our socks for Santa to leave our gifts in? No worries, this DIY tutorial would let you create one out of a drop cloth.

2. Twinkle Light Canvass

Perfect for side tables or bookshelves, this twinkle light canvass DIY is easy to assemble. You will just need a canvass, some twinkle lights, and a Christmas message you want to put on your masterpiece.

3. Hula Hoop Wreath

Great news! You can now repurpose those unused hula hoops that you purchased at the start of the year to get back into shape but never really used for more than a month. Click here for the DIY.

4. Glittering Mason Jars

These are simple but really eye-catching decors that can easily improve the mood of a room during one of those cold, rainy December nights. Follow the instructions here.

5. Trees on Kisses

On what will be one of the sure hits for kids during Noche Buena, this Christmas Tree standing on Hershey’s Kisses would give them more reason to help you out in the kitchen, if only for the dessert. Give these as prizes to kids during the parlor games or a simple token of appreciation for those who came to the reunion.

6. Christmas Ornament Tree

Would you like to decorate bedrooms as well? This small ornament tree creatively uses Christmas balls and knitting needles. With this DIY, now you can place a small tree on top of your desks or credenzas located in other parts of your home.

7. Tin Can Snowman

This snowman looks like a creation straight from the children’s TV show Art Attack. Since we don’t have snow in the Philippines, recycle those tin cans lying around the house from all the de lata you have consumed, and use them to create this snowman. Find the DIY here.

8. Glowing Snowmen

What better way to teach your kids how to value Mother Earth than by recycling? The key is to turn an otherwise boring activity into something fun. Follow this DIY that uses empty milk jugs and Christmas lights to create a glowing group of snowmen, guaranteed to keep your kids preoccupied for the afternoon.

9. Christmas Tree Table Napkin

Give your Noche Buena feast a creative twist by serving your dishes with green napkins expertly folded like a Christmas tree. Just follow the steps on the images and get ready to get all the wow’s and the ooh’s even before your family starts tasting your food.

10. Song Lyrics Table Runner

We all love karaoke! And while this table runner can’t actually produce music, reading the lyrics would prompt your guests to bust out in song and sing your favorite Christmas carol. Follow the instructions here for a unique table runner for the holidays.

Which one do you intend to work on with your family? Let us know in the comments!

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