Your front door is the first thing you see when coming home and the last when you leave. It protects your abode from the Philippine weather that gets too harsh at times and from the burglars that come in the night.

Given the functional nature of front doors, homeowners tend to forget that these are also subject to wear and tear. They can be damaged because of the elements, poor maintenance, or simply because of how long it’s been in use. It could also be that the owner wants to create a better first impression to their guests.

In any case, if you believe it’s time to retire your good ol’ door, then keep these four things in mind:

1. Take Accurate Measurements

Many Philippine pesos have gone to waste because of homeowners ordering doors that didn’t fit. You do not want to be included in this group.

Is your entryway the standard size or would you need something bigger? You also need to consider the framing needed for support, in the event that you would want to install any decorative elements (e.g. glazed transom, glass panels, etc).

So get your tape measure out and start measuring (accurately).

2. Pick The Right Style

Doors are not something you can easily replace when, it turns out, it doesn’t look good for you. It’s not like picking out what to wear in the morning where you can easily ditch the shirt that doesn’t fit your overall look.

You need to pick a door that you would want to look at for years to come. Choose the style that reflects your personality and the overall aesthetic of your home. You will see how dramatically the right door can change your home’s vibe.

You should also look at the overall architectural style of your home. Choose a door that would tie-in with it. Unless, of course, you would renovate your entire house—in which case, you can pick a completely different door style.

If you’re the type of homeowner who wants to keep updating their door designs, we’ve written about a few DIY door decors you might want to try on your new door.

3. Door Material Matters

There are many different materials you can pick from. The key to narrowing down your choice is to look at the pros and cons of each, and then see which one you can live with:

  • Wood

Pros: Gives a luxurious vibe that is visually appealing, even when used with less expensive wood; most commonly used for homes; comes in plenty of detailed designs

Cons: Very high maintenance especially when exposed to a lot of sun and rain; vulnerable to moisture that causes warping; can be damaged by termites; price can go up depending on the type of wood used

  • Steel

Pros: Least expensive; more durable; doesn’t conduct heat or cold so it won’t affect your home’s temperature

Cons: Prone to dents; shorter lifespan compared to other materials; vulnerable to rust if/when the paint is scratched

  • Fiberglass

Pros: Looks like wood but with more durability; can come in any paint or stain you prefer; tougher than other materials especially in harsher climates

Cons: More expensive than wood; fiberglass door accessories can also double the price; higher maintenance as it needs repainting every five years

  • Aluminum

Pros: Enamel finish does not rust; no need for repainting; flexibility in look and style since you can pick any color

Cons: Vulnerable to dents; more expensive than steel as it’s only built upon order

  • uPVC

Pros: Cheaper than aluminum; top choice of plenty of homeowners; energy-efficient as it can insulate your home; low maintenance since dirt can be easily wiped down

Cons: Limited choice when it comes to style and colors; can be more expensive than aluminum or steel; less customizable than wood and aluminum

4. Consider Your Budget

At the end of the day, your budget plays a huge factor in which door you choose.

Look at the upfront cost and then add whatever long-term maintenance cost it needs. How long would the door of your choice last? Does it need repainting after a few years and how much would that be?

Unless you have prior experience in this, installation of your door should be handled by experts. But make sure your contractor is someone you trust. (On a quick side note: Golden Home uPVC offers free estimates should you need it.)

Have you decided which door to pick? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.


* Featured photo credit via Chuesday Home Ideas

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