Every architect knows it’s not only structures we build but our storehouse of knowledge as well.

We can’t stay complacent with what we already know; part of improving our craft is to continuously read and stay updated about recent trends and technological advancements

That said, we’ve compiled these seven short articles on uPVC windows and doors to keep you on top of your game:

  1. New industry code to provide greater confidence in the durability and colour of uPVC frames

Australian-based uPVC Window Alliance recently released an Industry Code of Practice written to give end users greater confidence in uPVC products by standardizing window and door requirements. This is due to the fact that the country has the highest solar radiation per square meter in the world, and products should be made to withstand the harsher climate. Should the Philippines follow suit?

  1. Sustainable House Day showcases energy-efficient Australian homes – in pictures

Australia showcased sustainable houses all over the country this September, with one of them built using uPVC windows. Click on the link and to see photos of each house’s design.

  1. Jet Noise No Match For uPVC Windows

Read the story of how a USA-based hotel located near an airport renovated their building while keeping 97 percent of their rooms occupied—all with the help of uPVC windows.

  1. Why do architects vouch for uPVC Doors and Windows?

This article looks at key components of uPVC door and windows and expounds on what makes them the best choice from the perspective of architects.

  1. Plastic window-frames will rot your soul

On the flip side of the coin, this editorial criticizes the rise of uPVC windows and doors. What do you think? Is there any merit to the author’s arguments?

  1. Are UPVC Windows Worth The Hype?

Why, as an architect, do you need to choose uPVC windows? What’s in it for you? 

  1. PVC-U windows in fires

Although done in a UK setting, a company composed of consulting engineers tested the mettle of PVC-u windows in the event of a building fire. Click on the link to see the results of their tests.

Which of these articles did you find most interesting? Do you have other online articles you’d like to share with your fellow architects? Feel free to give us the link in the comments below!

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